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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Children of The Sea 8: A Brand New Day

Something really wonderful happened while we were sitting and watching the wonderful evening view of the sea. At some point, I got a genuine feeling that the restaurant was actually moving. This happened to me before. When I was a kid, I was sitting in the car with my mom, in front of a place from where people would collect drinking water in huge container. People who lived in Saudi Arabia would know what these places are. Every month, dad would take us once to this place, and we’d return with a big container (which was called a “gallon” for reasons not known to me) full of water. There’d always be an ice cream car there, and I almost always managed to convince mom about having a cone.

So I was sitting in the car, and there were two other cars parked in both sides of ours. Suddenly, both of those cars started moving, simultaneously. Instantly, I experienced one of the scariest feelings of my life—I thought our car was moving. The feeling was so realistic! My mother also had the same feeling. It totally freaked us out as the car was turned off and father was not inside the car. But it didn’t take more than 30 seconds to realize the truth.

The same thing happened in Angel drop. I thought that the restaurant was actually moving forward, along with the gigantic waves that were splashing. But this time I was not afraid. It gave me a marvelous, fictitious feeling of riding a ship. We considered plans for going to St. Martin Island, but dared not to due to bad weather and off-season warnings from multiple people. But at that moment I really regretted the decision. If we went to St. Martin, we could, actually ride a sea trawler, which is very much like a ship. Maybe next time….Should be next time….Needs to be done next time. Yeah, we already have plans for our next trip.

We were really tired, and gradually all of us fall asleep. The day after would be a big day, as we were supposed to do most of our traveling within Coxsbazar that day.

Not too surprisingly, everyone woke up late in the morning. It was a bright and sunny Friday. My friends were really nice to me, and I wasn’t awakened before everyone else got ready. Maybe I was sleeping like a baby. After getting fresh, all of us dared to go to the restaurant belonging to the cottage owners. We had our breakfast there, which was moderate in taste but heavy on our pockets!

After that, we went to a Jeep depot for hiring a hood-less jeep. The journey from Coxsbazar to Inani beach is one journey which no one would ever want to miss. There were both hooded and hood free Jeeps in the depot. The hood free ones were a bit cheaper. However, from my past experience, I was not going for the hooded cars. After heavy bargaining, we finally rented a jeep that would take us all the way down to Inani beach, and en route we would also get to see Himchori.

Both Inani beach and Himchori are famous tourist spots of Coxsbazar. During the tourist season, lots of people go there. The tourist season is usually the dry season, mostly during winter and spring. Lots of people flock over to Coxsbazar in October, November and December.

When we got on board the hoodless Jeep, it was drizzling. We went to the market adjacent to kolatoli beach and bought some food and drinks for the journey. At around 10:30, we set sail towards Inani beach. It was already late, and we were getting impatient. There was one driver and a helper. Both of them appeared to be jolly good fellows. The car quickly paced up, and we were speeding through a village like place. Soon all of us were standing. There was a thing similar to an iron cage, over our heads. It was not a totally hood free Jeep. But there was no clothe above our heads.

The wind was hitting me hard on the face, and I had to duck multiple times to avoid getting hit by tree branches. There were lots of local people around, and they kept on passing comments at us in their very unintelligible dialect.
Driving by the sea shore

The most enjoying portion of this journey started when our jeep discarded the usual roads and we started driving besides the sea shore. That is one hell of an experience. The wind here was even stronger, and at a point of time I removed my spectacles and put them inside the pocket, for fear of losing them.

Suddenly, the car stopped. One tire came out, and the car was immediately stopped. I and the others literally saw the tire falling out of the car. We came out and watched around. It was moderately raining that time. There were a few straw huts there, inhabited by lots of kids and some grown ups. It was a beach very near to Kolatoli, but no tourists were there.

The Straw Hut!

We took a lot of pictures here. Now that I'm here in Dhaka, going through the pics, I can say that we took a little too much pictures over there. However, we were almost one and half hours stuck there, and Sujit didn't much to do other than taking pics.

It was a beach, and we were actually going to another beach for getting ourselves wet. I decided to check out the water. Ashique and Tushar soon followed suit, and we had a great time inside the water. Pintu and Murshid joined us for brief moments, but Sujit didn't even get near. We spent some of our best times of the tour here. The water was quite clear, and the waves were moderate and enjoyable.

After what seemed like forever in the water, the driver told us that the car was ready to go. We got aboard and resumed the journey towards Himchori, again. Soon we reached Himchori. My legs were not moving...spending so much time in the water was taking its toll. Feeling tired, I suggested we have a cup of tea.

There was a small market in the foot of the hill. We had tea in a small restaurant, and start climbing up. There were two viewables in that place. A really long stairway that leads to the top of the hill, and a spring.

We started climbing the stairway to heaven(?)

To be continued

p.s. Special credits to Toxic_Tears for the word "Straw Hut" :D


Anonymous said...

Hey you forgot to mention how deep deep blue/ sea foam green the sea looks from the jeep. I went to Inani and Himchori last in 1997, donno whether the things are the same or not.


Rezwan said...

I have couple of times been to these locations in the past decade. Exploring Cox's Bazar beaches in the rainy season is a great experience. When the drizzle is light and you are in a hoodless Jeep with the small hills on your left opening up as makeshift springs and you have the perfect mates by your side; it feels heavenly. Once you reach to Inani, its calm, with almost non existent crowd and thousands of tiny red crab infants running all over the beach. Too bad you can't be there for long and have to hurry back before the next tide comes.

Toxic_Tears said...

Waiting for your next one .. You never out a lot of pictures ... Jeita thik na ... Grr .. And yes yes thank you ...

Toxic_Tears said...

Put hobe ... Instead of out ... damn thing edit kore kemne?

afzal said...

ishti, although i bugged u so much for speedinng up, now i m the one who is suffering for that. tumi to speed up korcho, but somossa hoiche tomar blog e ja likcho tar chaite beshi details ami jani. tumi to chila na the first adda we had after your tour. oikhane shobai mile amake pora tour er kothai bolche (and in more detail than you are putting here).

so can u consider giving more detailed and still keeping up the speed ( i know that certainly means more blogs and bigger blogs :D)?

and to toxic, sorry for my wrong accusation (although i wont consider that as an accusation). nijer ga bachanor jonno jokhon msg del koro nai, then u must have done that to save mine or ishtis. thanks for that...

oho, btw ishti, u can drop the picture things (as a trade of for , i do have ur full collection (sorry again toxic :D)

Anonymous said...

What is this???

Dead_Man_Rollin said...

Dear Anonymous,

This is an account of my tour to Coxsbazar earlier this year. Thanks for reading.

take care